Why build chatbots with Botsup

Discover why our DIY chatbot platform is the best choice for building custom chatbots, from ease of use to advanced features.

Chatbots are an amazing tool for automating customer interactions and achieving scale with precision. Deploy them on your websites, or WhatsApp if you want to create a personal connection with your customers, and whoosh, the chatbot will take it from there.  According to a study by Gartner, in the next two years, 38% of organizations will plan to implement a chatbot. This means a 40% increase in technology adoption. But running a chatbot isn't just about implementing AI: you need to make sure your customers have positive experiences. This can be solved by choosing and building the aptest conversational journeys for your consumers.

Why Botsup?

Botsup is a DIY no-code chatbot platform that lets you create your own chatbots without any prior expertise in coding. All you need to do is drag the relevant content type and drop it to the canvas to build the conversational journeys. The chatbots you create can then be hosted on websites and WhatsApp with ease in no time.

Also, to enable BI (Business initiated) messaging, Botsup comes with WhatsApp Push Panel using which you can handhold your consumers at scale.

Excel in these 5 things with Botsup

1. Improve sales on WhatsApp

Calling a nearby kirana store and asking for 5-kilo ata, 2-kilo cheeni, and a few other groceries, is what most customers do, right? Because it's simple and gets the job done in no time. But makes it difficult for the kirana store to manage, is prone to making mistakes, and disrupts the opportunity to scale.  

Commerce on WhatsApp allows you to display your products in a separate panel, for customers to browse through. When you integrate your product catalog with WhatsApp business, a customer can click on an item and go through the product description presented in a PDP(product detail page) format to decide if they would want to make a purchase.  

2. Scaling with Quality

Automated conversations sometimes become boring and looses consumers’ interest because of unmeaningful and sometime even stupid responses. But, this happens when the platform used to create chatbots are either low on interactive features or gives limited insights. With Botsup’s plethora of features, it becomes super easy to create conversations that add meaning, are intelligent and perhaps enables you to upgrade communication.

3. Time sensitive notifications

Use cases like ETA of a delivery, Webinar joining notifications, Order tracking plays a vital role in building amazing consumer experiences. These might not impact directly on the revenue, but sending them at the right time and on the right channel helps build trust among the consumers and thus improve retention. Customer retention is critical because the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than retaining existing customers. Retained customers are also more likely to engage in word-of-mouth marketing or become brand ambassadors.

4. Know your consumers

A crucial part of building digital relationships with your consumers is to know them with as much precision as possible. Botsup’s advanced analytics helps track consumer reactions with precise details. When was the campaign delivered, how much time it took to open the message, where the user left chat in the conversational journey, what they were looking for, all these intelligent metrics help understand the consumer responses and enables you to create meaningful journeys for them.

5. A holistic shopping experience

Botsup is equipped to create holistic buying journeys. From discovery to engagement and closing the loop with integrated payments, all can be done with Botsup.

The final word

WhatsApp commerce has benefited small and medium-sized businesses in a big way as  it has grown into a stand-alone sales channel.  And WhatsApp as a channel is becoming more than simply a route for customer care as more businesses learn about the advantages of using it for commerce.

In the journey of handholding your consumers and selling products, Botsup becomes your BFF and plays a seamless role to bridge the gap between physical and digital way of commerce.

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