How to use WhatsApp for enhancing Shopping Experience

From product discovery to real-time updates, this guide has everything you need to know to maximize your shopping potential with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API for e-commerce allows you to provide the conversational commerce your customers expect. Mixing automation with live agents, customers experience reduced waiting times, hyper-personalized service, and instant responses.

Conversational commerce is essentially e-commerce done through conversation. It allows you to leverage your customers’ data, messaging, and in-conversation payment to provide a unique shopping experience on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat.

In this article, we discuss four more ways that you can enhance your customer experience with WhatsApp Business for retail and e-commerce and conversational commerce.

Personal Guided Shopping

Take the online shopping experience to the next level with personal guided shopping. Nearly 80% of consumers with smartphones make purchasing decisions based on private messaging with brands, so why not leverage their spending power? Use WhatsApp for retail and e-commerce to provide a personalized shopping experience from within a chat conversation. You can provide suggestions, confirm orders, and take payments directly within the app so your customers don’t have to toggle between windows.

Make wrong orders right

Sometimes things don’t run completely smoothly and the wrong order is sent to the wrong customer. Customers can use messaging to alert you of the issues. WhatsApp Business enables them to enrich the conversation with multimedia, such as sending images of the wrong order they received. Your live agents can use this information to confirm the details of the order, resolve the issue, and turn dissatisfied customers into satisfied customers again.

Share loyalty point updates

Your loyalty program makes your customers feel valued. Over 80% of consumers believe that they should be treated better for their loyalty. Why not go the extra mile? With WhatsApp Business, you can share updates about the state of your customers’ loyalty points. Use WhatsApp Templates with media and buttons to show your customers exactly what they can use their loyalty points for. The more your customers are interested in keeping track of their points, the more likely they are to keep coming back.

Ensure package delivery

With the influx of online shopping in a post-pandemic world, your customers want to know where their packages are. Make it easy for them! In the post-purchase phase, let your customers know when their orders have been dispatched and are on route. Conversational commerce also allows your customers to make changes necessary to deliveries. Maybe they want the package sent to a different address or to come at a particular time of day – these changes are made easily with WhatsApp for retail and e-commerce.

WhatsApp for retail and e-commerce enables a modern customer experience while improving operational efficiency. Easy access to customers and faster response times via WhatsApp lead to higher customer satisfaction. WhatsApp lets you exceed your customers’ expectations, build trust, and improve customer loyalty all while lowering costs. All this and more allows you to take your digital customer experience to the next level with conversational commerce.

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