Customer service chatbot: what it is, benefits & examples

Chatbots are revolutionizing customer service. Find out what they are & the benefits they bring to customers.

Businesses have had to fundamentally change their customer experience as more consumers have shifted online, a trend largely fuelled by the pandemic. Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot services have become increasingly popular for their 24/7 service and ability to answer queries without human involvement.

In this article, we will dive deep into the benefits of customer service chatbots and look at some examples. Let’s start with the basics.

What is a customer service chatbot?

A customer service chatbot employs conversational AI and machine learning to answer customer questions through a business messenger. For instance, when someone asks your brand, “What are your prices?”

The best and most knowledgeable customer service bot can quickly respond to consumers' common questions or guide them toward more resources or information on your website.

The additional benefit of such chatbots is that they decrease the volume of contact centre inquiries. This frees customer care representatives to focus on more complex customer queries rather than repetitive responses that you can automate. For example, answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions).

Additionally, there are other advantages to adopting customer care chatbots.

Five major benefits of customer service chatbots

Here are the five advantages of using AI chatbots that you’re most likely to see right away after implementing a chatbot.

1. Instant resolutions

Customers are frequently scared away if they have to wait long.

Not getting immediate responses is one of the top customer grievances and is also a key driver of customer churn, given that companies lose 75% of their customers due to waiting delays.

Using a FAQ chatbot and other interaction channels will enable you to respond quickly to customers. For instance, the Botsup FAQ chatbot acts as a generator, responding to frequently asked customer questions like your refund policy, shipping details, account settings, etc.

2. Customer service around-the-clock

43% of customers want e-commerce and online shops to offer customer support at all times. Therefore, they would prefer a faster resolution speed. One key differentiator for keeping customers engaged is to respond quickly and resolve a problem in initial customer interactions.

For instance, a Botsup complaint support template compiles and emails you all crucial information about any difficulty your customer might be experiencing, including finding your contact information, their order tracking number, and describing their issue. Users can start a Live Chat with you or your customer service manager if they need more specialized assistance.

3. Minimizing customer support costs

Without sacrificing the level of service, chatbots can assist in streamlining customer care duties. Thanks to bots, your company can cut costs associated with hiring additional support managers, giving them training, or keeping a strong infrastructure for assistance.

The use of a customer care chatbot can help manage multiple conversations at once and handle an increase in the number of customer requests while keeping costs in check.

Because of this, you should prepare to invest in AI automation for customer support to reduce expenses while providing excellent customer service.

4. Gaining new customers with less stress

AI-powered chatbots offer a personalized conversational marketing experience. They can address potential customers by name, provide information based on their choices, respond to their inquiries, and retain all the information for subsequent interaction.

With AI in charge, you won’t accidentally miss chats, and your customer support team’s emails won’t end up in spam. In addition, there won’t be any typos that can disappoint customers.

5. Consistent user experience

Finally, customer support chatbots can provide your customers with a consistent, on-brand experience because you have complete control over the tone, and terminology used in your bot’s responses. The accuracy of chatbots only serves to strengthen this uniformity.

Take advantage of a customer support chatbot

AI is now a crucial component of user engagement strategies and fundamentally transforms how businesses offer customer assistance. Because AI chatbots deliver prompt responses and decrease the likelihood of two-way human agents’ intervention, you can save a lot of time.

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