Level-up CX by integrating payment gateways with chatbots

Learn how to provide seamless transactions and drive customer loyalty.

Transacting is the most crucial and conclusive part of a customer’s journey. Elevate their experience by integrating payments in the chatbots you use. Know what and why below.

Excelling at building unforgettable customer experiences needs work, particularly if you are looking for your business to thrive online. Consumers are switching to shop more online – on your website, social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and even on chat apps like WhatsApp.  

How do your users find you, buy from you, and most importantly, how do they make payments to you? Your support team may use a chatbot to streamline these journeys from point A to point B, but to ensure seamless conversions, you need to integrate payment gateways to accept payments with your chatbots.

Integrating payment gateway ensures that your customers can make payments to your business in the same window without any hassles!  

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want payment gateway integration in your chatbot. Let’s explore some of them.

Benefits of integrating payment gateway in chatbot:
  1. Help convert more prospects into customers
    Integrating a gateway and accepting payments with a chatbot can boost your customer experience which in turn boosts the conversion rate since customer experience is strongly correlated to sales. A website with a more immersive shopping experience can drive sales and chatbots do just that for your business!
  2. Reduce cart dropouts
    88.05% of carts online are abandoned before converting! More often than not, customers abandon their purchases because of increased touchpoints – for example, to make payments.
    Accepting payments with your chatbot can prevent the need to redirect customers to another page where they make the payment. You can lower abandoned carts by completing the payment process without leaving the chatbot window at all.
  3. Earn customers’ trust 
    Conducting business online is based on the trust of customers. A shopping website can have all the views in the world and not have sales because customers don’t trust it. You need to establish trust in your customers by integrating various secure payment options into your chatbot. It’s easier for customers to trust your website when they’re given payment options they’re already familiar with.
  4. Keep it straightforward, no redirects
    Ease-of-access reigns supreme for users today. Nothing is more off-putting than being redirected to several different websites just to make a payment. This can take away from the customer experience and lead to abandoned carts. Integrating a payment gateway into your chatbot can be an easy fix to this problem.
  5. Increase cross and upsell opportunities 
    Integrating payment gateways on your chatbot can help you propel your upsell/cross-sell rate. Your conversational chatbot can assess customer data and offer your users relevant recommendations and offers that are personalised to create upselling opportunities. You can suggest bundles and other products that add value to the items in their cart.

Integrating chatbot payment gateway for more smiling customers

At the end of their buyer journeys, all your customers want is a way to swiftly pay as they checkout right where they receive support – through your chatbot. There are many advantages of how integrating payment gateways with your AI chatbots can help boost customer experience:

  • Meet and surpass customer expectations
  • Facilitate faster checkouts for easier conversions
  • Offer several options for payment
  • Quicken resolutions with self-service
  • Help customers feel safe


Over everything else, integrating chatbot payment gateway can help you stand out of the crowd as a customer-first brand that takes initiative in making its shopping experience a delight. This can help you foreshadow your competition and take the lead with a more robust customer experience that is inviting to customers.

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