WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Examples & Best Practices

Maximize your WhatsApp Business presence with effective greeting messages. Learn from examples & best practices to engage your customers.

WhatsApp Greeting messages are very useful in each area of business communication including WhatsApp Promotions, Customer Support, & Sales.

Let’s go through some of the best WhatsApp Business Greeting Message examples that you can use in your business communication. Then you will learn how to craft a beautiful WhatsApp greeting Message with best practices.

What Are WhatsApp Greeting Messages?

Greeting messages are generally the first messages that businesses send to their customers on WhatsApp. These messages provide details about the services/offerings of any business while appreciating the customer for opting in for their services.

Some scenarios where businesses send a greeting message on WhatsApp are-

  1. When a new user signs up for a service, a business sends its first welcome message with greetings on WhatsApp.
  2. When a business wants to greet customers with personalized seasonal promotions & offers.

In both cases, it is essential crafting a welcome message that makes customers feel a relationship with the business. It’s all about making the first impression great each time.

We’ll cover the best welcome greeting messages for:

  • New customers & subscribers
  • New prospects & leads
  • Customer Service
  • Re-marketing for existing customers

WhatsApp Greeting Messages Examples

The greeting messages examples added here can be tweaked & adjusted for any industry, goal & angle. With a large use case, you can use all these messages to greet & welcome customers on WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Greeting Message For New Customers

Onboarding new customers with greeting messages on WhatsApp can help you upsell more. You can offer additional services & discounts in the same message.

Thank you for becoming a part of [Your Business Name] community! We’re so happy to have you on board.

2. Welcome Messages For A New Prospect

Hi Max,

Welcome to Jerry Services!

We’ve registered your query related to ‘PPC & Advertising’.

Our team will contact you within 24 hours to share more details.


Second option:

Hi Max,

Welcome to Jerry Services!

We have a special flat 5% discount on all plans for all new customers.

Would you like to get yours now?

Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe.

3. Welcome Messages from Customer Service On WhatsApp

Hi Max. Welcome to Jerry’s customer service! I am Ben. How can I help you today?

Good morning Max. You’re speaking to Ben from Jerry Services. How may I help you today?

4. Greeting Messages On WhatsApp During Festivals & Special Events

Hey Kat,

We wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

On this special day, we’re offering 20% OFF on all plans.

Ask us any questions if you have and we’ll get back to you within a few hours.

These are some of the greeting messages on WhatsApp that you can copy & use for your WhatsApp Business Account.

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A welcome greeting message on WhatsApp can help your business grow. When sent to a customer or a prospect, these WhatsApp messages make the receiver feel appreciated and are useful to boost conversion rates.

You can trigger these greeting messages on WhatsApp Business by setting up an auto-reply for WhatsApp on Business App & Botsup

How To Craft A Perfect WhatsApp Business Greeting Message?

When you’re sending a WhatsApp Business message to someone, you should understand that you need to make them feel special & appreciated.

Unlike SMS, WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% so you need to leverage this advantage for your business.  

WhatsApp Business provides multiple types of messages including-

1. List messages & reply buttons

2. CTA messages

So, building the right type of greeting message can help your business achieve:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Lower response time
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Collect valuable leads  
  • Sales & better conversion rate

An effective greeting message via WhatsApp Business should follow the best practices added below:

Don’t Use WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages For Regular Promotions

The job of a greeting message is to welcome your prospects or customers. You should not push a welcome message that looks like a direct promotion. The message should/can add further value to your offerings.

Give The Option To Opt Out From Business Messages

Always give an option to unsubscribe from your messaging list. This practice will help you maintain a healthy Quality Rating on your WhatsApp Business account.

Be Transparent & Set Clear Expectations

Set the right expectations from your first welcome message. Deliver what you have written in the message. This practice will help you maintain good communication during support & sales on WhatsApp.

Transparency is another practice that you should follow. If your support team is limited, say it clearly. Because nobody likes lame excuses for a slow response.

Give Your Messages A Human Touch

Don’t just follow some pre-made rules or templates while crafting a WhatsApp Business Greeting message. Your messages should be professional but not so formal because the recipient isn’t reading a mail. Build empathy & connection with your greeting messages.

Provide A Good Customer Experience On WhatsApp

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