Messaging Limits

Learn about WhatsApp Business API messaging restrictions.

Messaging limits determine the maximum number of business-initiated conversations you can initiate using each of your phone numbers in a rolling 24-hour period. A business-initiated conversation begins when the first template message is delivered to a customer and ends 24 hours later.

Unverified businesses are limited to 50 business-initiated conversations in a rolling 24 hour period.

Verified businesses with a business phone number with an approved display name can initiate conversations with the following number of unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period:

  • 1K unique customer
  • 10K unique customers
  • 100K unique customers
  • An unlimited number of unique customers

This amount starts at 1K unique customers and scales automatically based on phone number status, phone number quality rating, and how often the business initiates conversations with unique customers.

If you reach your messaging limit, you can initiate more conversations as soon as one or more active conversations end.

Checking Your Limit

You can check your current messaging limits in the WhatsApp Manager > Overview Dashboard > Insights tab.

Increasing Your Limit

Each time you initiate a new conversation with a unique customer we will determine if your limit should be increased. This determination is based on the following criteria:

  • your phone number status is Connected
  • your phone number quality rating is Medium or High
  • in the last 7 days you have initiated X or more conversations with unique customers, where X is your current messaging limit divided by 2

If you meet all conditions, we will increase your messaging limit by one level in 24 hours.

Decreasing Your Limit

Each time you initiate a new conversation with a unique customer we will check your phone number quality rating. If the rating has been Low for the last 7 days, we will immediately decrease your messaging limit by one level.

Quality Rating

Your quality rating is based on how messages have been received by recipients over the past seven days and is weighted by recency. It is determined by a combination of quality signals from conversations between businesses and users. Examples include user feedback signals like blocks, reports and the reasons users provide when they block a business.

The phone number status, quality rating, and messaging limits for your WhatsApp Business Account are listed in the Phone Numbers tab in WhatsApp Manager.

Maintaining High Quality

Make sure messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy and Commerce Policy.

Only send messages to users who have opted into receiving messages from your business.

Make the messages highly personalized and useful to users. Avoid sending open-ended welcome or introductory messages.

Be mindful of messaging frequency; avoid sending customers too many messages a day. Be thoughtful of informational messages, optimizing for content and length.

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