Top uses of WhatsApp chatbots for real estate

Transform your real estate business with WhatsApp chatbots! Explore the top uses, from property listings to customer service and beyond.

Aren’t you tired of constant rescheduling of appointments?

Isn’t it difficult to identify which lead is the real deal?

Is answering the same questions over and over again taking up most of your time?

These are the exact problems Real Estate companies face. How do you tackle these?

Simple - with a Real Estate chatbot.

What is a Real Estate Chatbot?

A Real Estate Chatbot helps customers engage with the real estate agencies in real-time, without having to appoint a live agent. It basically acts as a virtual agent and is capable of doing almost anything an agent would do.

What are the benefits of using a Real Estate Chatbot?

1. Round the clock availability

Unlike human agents, chatbots are available throughout the day to answer any customer queries.

2. Real time enquiry

Chatbots can prompt assistance as soon as your customer lands on your website, acting as your lead-generation bot, and answer questions immediately without waiting for an agent.

3. Better time management

Chatbots help you manage your time better by automating most of these repetitive customer queries.  

4. Automate the follow up process

You need to follow up on your leads, but following up on multiple leads is difficult. You can simply use your chatbot to automate the entire process.

5. Better engagement

Chatbots can pick up customer preferences very easily. They can offer better property recommendations based on these preferences.

6. User specific

All of your customers aren’t looking for similar properties. Chatbots can engage and collect customer information specific to that particular user’s needs.

7. Schedule property viewings and virtual tours

The chatbot can schedule property viewings and virtual tours with your clients by itself. If the client is too busy to visit the property physically then the bot can provide a virtual tour.

8. History of interaction

The bot can store all historic data, about the customer, the property, customers preferences, making it very easy for the agent to close the deal.

Top uses of WhatsApp chatbots for real estate

Generating leads

This is one of the most effective ways for you to use your real estate chatbot on WhatsApp. If a prospective client gets your WhatsApp business number from someone in their circles or from one of your other digital properties, or they reach your WhatsApp number via a WhatsApp click-to-chat widget or a QR code, they can have a conversation with your chatbot and get all their queries answered. The bot can then collect information about these prospects and automatically store it in a CRM or a spreadsheet that you and your team can access and use to drive marketing campaigns.

Answering prospects’ questions about properties

When prospects are looking for properties, they’re bound to have some questions to which they won’t be able to find answers online with ease. These questions could be about average of monthly bills, the history of the property, and previous owners or tenant. Rather than having to manually answer these questions repetitively, you could just integrate your WhatsApp chatbot with your real estate agency’s database and have the bot directly pull information from there. You could also use the bot to answer questions that the prospects may have about your agency, policies, working hours, etc.

Scheduling property viewings

Your chatbot can help your prospects book a property viewing in person with your agents. The bot can even have an integration with your team’s calendars so that it can show your users what times slots are available on specific dates and allow your users to pick the time slots that work best for them (and for you). Your real estate bot can even send out reminders to these prospects on WhatsApp a day or so before their scheduled property viewing.


You don’t want to leave your prospects in decision limbo for all of eternity after the property visit. It’s always a good idea to follow up with them, and your chatbot can automatically do that for you. The WhatsApp bot can ask your prospects whether they’re ready to go ahead with the deal and, if they’re not interested in that property, it could even show them other options and provide them with suggestions. Following up with prospects keeps them engaged with your agency and makes them less likely to hop away to a competitor.

Property valuation

Prospects can use your chatbot and answer some necessary questions about their property like the location, floor space, etc. to get a ballpark estimate on the property value according to current market conditions. This is still a rough estimate, but it will help your customers. After checking the valuation, the users can even book an appointment with your agents to get a better idea of the value.

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