Top use case of WhatsApp chatbots in the healthcare industry

Transform patient care with WhatsApp chatbots in healthcare. Discover the top use cases, from appointment scheduling to telemedicine.

Chatbots have started to revolutionize the healthcare industry since the start of this decade. Currently, there is an ever-increasing demand for instant healthcare services as the population grows & more people require prescription medications. One of the major challenges that businesses in the healthcare industry are facing is the need to update themselves with the latest advances in medical technology & treatments.

Role of WhatsApp chatbot for the healthcare industry

Since the healthcare industry on the whole is looking for new ways to digitize and provide better care for their patients, there is a sharp rise in online consultation & telemedicine. Therefore, hospitals & healthcare agencies are looking at digital technology for solutions. One that is gaining popularity is the WhatsApp chatbot, which helps healthcare agencies streamline their operations, improve communication with patients, and offer a wider range of services. In this blog post, we will explore the best use cases for WhatsApp Chatbots and how it can transform specific facets of the healthcare industry.

Best use-cases of WhatsApp chatbot for the healthcare industry

For physiotherapy centers:

A physiotherapy center can get excellent benefits from a WhatsApp chatbot.
Let’s look at the top three use cases for physiotherapists.

  • Automated appointment scheduling
    With a good chatbot, you can automate the appointment scheduling process. With a booking chatbot, your patients can schedule their next appointment themselves and get instant confirmations.
  • Send reminders for pending dues
    With WhatsApp chatbots, you can send instant reminders to patients who have outstanding dues. This allows you to streamline your collections process and ensure a hassle-free service.
  • Reminder for physio exercises
    You can also build customer loyalty by sharing self-help physio exercise guides and media through a self-diagnostic WhatsApp chatbot. These reminders can become an asset as they can increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

For diagnostic centres:

Your diagnostic centre can create a strong marketing & business strategy by using WhatsApp chatbots. Some of the best use cases for diagnostic chatbots are as follows.

  • Send diet plans to patients
    WhatsApp chatbots to send diet plans to your customers who are looking for suggestions. This allows you to build a brand reputation.
  • Forms to collect patient information and custom fields
    Chatbots can help collect patient information instantly through custom forms. You can collect all the necessary information about a patient at once. With this information, you can personalize the chat and improve services.
  • Quick payment collection
    WhatsApp chatbots combined with WhatsApp Payments can help you collect in-chat payments and finish the complete booking process seamlessly.
  • Get health prescriptions for patients
    In today’s scenario, customers are looking for contactless experiences. A diagnostic chatbot can enable your team to generate & send health prescriptions instantly through the WhatsApp chatbot.
  • Provides post-operative care instructions
    Post-operative patients would require medical attention for a few weeks post-surgery. WhatsApp chatbots can help patients during this critical stage to keep track of their well-being. These chatbots can provide critical reminders and support to improve health and recovery.

For scan and test labs:

  • Get the lab nearest to you
    Patients who are looking for laboratory testing near them can connect to WhatsApp chatbots and find the relevant information. As a healthcare center, it also allows you to manage multiple branches and allocate appointments efficiently.
  • Provides timely access to test results
    We live in a time when customers require instant results. Laboratories need to share test results as soon as possible to ensure that patients trust them. With a WhatsApp chatbot, you can share the results instantly with the users and earn their trust.
  • Allows home collection for blood tests
    The blood collection chatbot helps your patients book blood tests instantly and get samples collected from their doorsteps. Since this chatbot enhances patient convenience, it will help build brand loyalty and customer engagement.

For dental clinics:

  • Answers FAQs instantly
    WhatsApp chatbots allow dental clinics to create an automated conversation flow with the most asked questions. This self-help FAQ option for customers lets them get instant support for all their queries.
  • Sends the location or directions to your clinic
    If you are an emerging brand, you might want to share directions to your clinic through the WhatsApp chatbot and help new patients find your clinic easily.
  • Easily get doctor availability status
    With a good WhatsApp profile, you can easily let patients know your dental clinic’s working hours & doctor availability. You can also create a doctor appointment chatbot to help customers know the visiting hours of the doctors. This adds more value to your customers.

For psychology centers:

  • Gathering patient feedbacks
    Psychologists can use WhatsApp chatbots to gather responses from patients on surveys. This  can also allow you to get data on how patients are responding to treatment.
  • Share important information to create awareness
    You can also use chatbots as a tool to engage with your community & educate them on the latest information from the mental health field. This can help improve the patient experience and increase brand awareness.

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