The no-nonsense guide on WhatsApp Product Catalog

Get ahead in e-commerce with the ultimate WhatsApp Product Catalog guide! Learn how to showcase your products with ease.

WhatsApp Business is a very important tool for many businesses. Unfortunately, exchanging multiple messages with a customer can be slow and inefficient for both ends. WhatsApp Catalog helps businesses share their product inventory with customers in an effective and professional way. For now, it is only available for WhatsApp Business App, but soon will be available for WhatsApp API too. Looking to improve your WhatsApp Shop? In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about using WhatsApp Shopping Catalog on the WhatsApp Business App.

Intro to Catalogs

Due to WhatsApp's popularity, online shopping through WhatsApp is a common practice in many countries. However, in-app purchases are not available yet.

Businesses use WhatsApp mostly to answer inquiries about their product and occasionally, to take orders. This changes for the better with the release of the Catalog Feature in the WhatsApp Business App. How does it make things easier for businesses?

What is a WhatsApp Shopping Catalog

Before WhatsApp Product Catalog, sharing product photos with clients via WhatsApp was a tiresome task? Businesses had to send photos one by one, typing down all the requested info. As you can imagine, this can be very time-consuming.

Things became easier after the release of the WhatsApp Catalog. This feature allows small businesses to showcase their products or services in the App. The result, a better user experience, and a faster, more effective way of communicating for businesses.

WhatsApp Catalog In A Nutshell

At the time of launch in late 2019, the feature was only available in India, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the UK, and the US. The list has increased over the last two years. Although WhatsApp hasn't disclosed the country list, we know WhatsApp Catalog is now available in multiple countries where WhatsApp is popular.

WhatsApp Catalog Features

WhatsApp Business Catalog is a list of products or services that your WhatsApp Business offers. WhatsApp Catalog allows you to include all the relevant information about those products or services. There are 5 fields where you can add the details:

  • Name: You can choose a name for the product within WhatsApp Catalog.
  • Price: The currency will be determined from the SIM card country code.
  • Description: You can add a description of 5000 words max.
  • Link: This is particularly interesting since you have the option to lead customers to a website. Once there, they can proceed to checkout, or simply access more detailed information.
  • Product code: Lastly, you can code your products if you wish. You Can Add Product Pictures and Details | Images from WhatsApp

Businesses can share the whole Catalog or only certain products in an individual chat, group chat, or on other social apps.

But what is the WhatsApp Business Catalog limit? WhatsApp Catalog lets Businesses register up to 500 products. And each Catalog can include a maximum of 10 images.

If you are the type who tends to run out of memory on your phone device, there is good news. WhatsApp will save you some storage space by keeping the photos in the Catalog. This means they will remain there even if you delete them from your Gallery.

The WhatsApp Catalog Manager also offers the possibility of hiding certain items. This is useful when a product or service is not available anymore. Once it's back in your shop, you have the option to re-include it in the Catalog. Some WhatsApp Catalog Features

Something to keep in mind: WhatsApp has a Commerce Policy which makes you responsible for your terms and transactions. This policy also determines the things you can sell on the platform.

How to View a WhatsApp Catalog

To view a WhatsApp Shopping Catalog as a customer, you simply need to open a conversation with your business of choice. Then, tap on the Shopping button, which looks like a storefront. You will find the Catalog right under the business details.

Businesses can also share a WhatsApp Catalog with customers in the chat thread. Imagine someone wants to buy a mouse for your computer. That customer contacts the shop via WhatsApp to get information.

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