Send Push Notifications with WhatsApp Chatbot

Send Push Notifications with WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Push messages are essentially Alerts and Notifications relayed over WhatsApp Business API; They are an ideal complement to the free customer-care chat service.

WhatsApp Push messages are essentially Alerts and Notifications relayed over WhatsApp Business API; They are an ideal complement to the free customer-care chat service.

A WhatsApp Business solution differentiates between two major use cases.

  • Customer Support Chat: when a customer writes to a business, a 24-hour chat window is activated in which the business can answer the query.
  • Push-Notifications: These are WhatsApp messages that enterprises send to their consumers for various purposes. Push-Notifications are similar in functionality to SMS messages that users often get from internet banking service providers or airline companies.

With a Surbo-powered Botsup WhatsApp bot, you can leverage the power of WhatsApp API push-notifications, and take it to another level by improving client engagement, outreach, and business connect.

Make use of pre-designed templates and use cases to build a no-code DIY bot and integrate it with WhatsApp Business API to activate Push-Notifications.

Create engaging customer experiences

  • Instil trust with a branded through custom-designed Business Profile and Messaging Templates
  • Send and receive media files such as GIFS, JPEGS, voice, and PDFs.
  • Share locations on a map with an outbound location push-notifications
  • Automate reminder Alerts and Notifications
  • Comprehend message engagement at an individual-contact level with 'read receipts.'
  • Leverage the power of conversational AI and NLP to understand consumer response and accordingly offer a use-case solution or transfer the line to the live agents for personalized assistance requirements.

Accepted WhatsApp push-notifications Template Types

Alerts and Notifications are WhatsApp messages which are based on the templates given by WhatsApp Business API. Here are some of the use cases, which are currently permitted.

Account update

You may use WhatsApp Bot to inform your customers of changes to their account settings. This offers users the ability to respond when unauthorized activities have been carried out.

Push-Notifications can also be sent to inform the customers of changes in their membership plans.

Payment Request

You may submit information about an order through WhatsApp, such as an invoice, or a note informing that the status of a payment transaction has changed.

You may also push updates when the auction is over.

Delivery Status

Keep your consumers up-to-date with their order status. With delivery status push notifications, the clients will always know where their product is and when it will be delivered.

Billing update

With these alerts and notifications, your bot can push a reminder to your customers about the uncleared invoices, missed payments or other transactional activities in the event of any issue.

Reservation update

Another form of push-notification is an update on the current reservation. For instance, you can use these alerts to inform your clients of changes to their itinerary, venue, or hotel reservations.

Appointment Reminder

From doctor to haircut, with WhatsApp Chatbot appointment reminders, you can alert your clients of all important engagements.

Apart from above, travel and ticket update are a few other use cases allowed by WhatsApp Business API.

Integrate Botsup DIY chatbots with your WhatsApp Business API now and revolutionize your push-notification experience. To know more, visit us now!

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