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Integrate your chatbot with a live agent, push/pull data to your CRM or API, and so many more seamless integrations.
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Botsup cuts the time and cost it takes to build an intuitive, conversational and engaing chatbot.


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We are official partner of Facebook to deploy WhatsApp-based solutions.

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Create Chatbots without Coding

Botsup Features That Make a Big Difference

Bot in Just a Few Clicks

Code-Free Drag-and-Drop Interface

Botsup Platform offers an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with simple drag-and-drop visual tools. Connect the readily available question types, and create a super cool bot within minutes.
Create Chatbots without Coding
Free Chatbot Building Platform

Ready-to-use Templates

Launch task-specific and industry-oriented chatbots in just a few clicks. Create chatbots without coding by using our ready-to-use templates with a smooth drag and drop responses and actions.

Dive into Rich Media

Convey more noteworthy stories and engage with your audience with rich media. Botsup provides an easy solution to integrate videos, gifs, and images inside the flow to give a more human character.
Create Chatbots without Coding
Free Chatbot Building Platform

Highly Personalized

Real-time hyper-personalization has never been so simple! Personalize the dialog flow using keywords and let your customers feel special receiving a service designed especially for them.

Data Collection Using Variables

Variables let you save responses from your customers. Use @Variables to personalize conversation in real-time or gather information for the future.
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Chatbot-Human Handoff

Botsup enables agents & virtual assistants to work hand-in-hand and allows you to forward only unhandled conversations to human agents when your chatbot is having a hard time.

Elements To The Rescue

Provide convenience at each step of the consumer journey with customizable elements. Mix and match text, images, videos, buttons, carousels, question types, and other elements to fit your brand and style.
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Multi-Channel Experiences

Choose from multiple bot display types such as full-page, widget, banner, website, or WhatsApp to suit your need and take your bot live without any technical dependency.

Track Every Move

Get a bird’s eye view into actionable data and gain insights about engaged, churnable, and retained conversations. Build a deeper understanding of your customers and make smarter decisions.

Meet Your Dashboard

Botsup provides a real-time, compelling, and insightful dashboard to access a powerful summary of your chatbot's performance.

Simple & Easy User-Interface

Botsup has an intuitive, engaging, easy-to-use interface that quickly turns your current processes into automated conversations.

Tailored Chatbot Experiences

Botsup helps you deliver personalized experiences to your customers with built-in logic and to keep your messages captivating and relevant to audiences. Turn good conversations into great conversations.

File Upload For Streamlining Processes

Enhance your chatbot experience with rich attachments. Botsup lets you send and receive files or attachments without having to leave the chat window.

Custom Variables To Capture Information

Variables take personalization to a next level that lets you save responses from your customers so that you can reuse them later in the conversation.

Smart Analytics

Botsup enables enterprises to make data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency. Dive into the pool of valuable insights and get more opportunities for business growth and retention strategies.

Customize Your Chatbot

Give some touch-ups to your chatbot to build better relationships with your customers. From brand colors to the logo, and avatar, design your chat smoothly with the chatbot builder service.

Designed For Modern-day Marketers

Don’t miss another opportunity to generate leads, sales, and revenue again. Launch your bot on the landing page, site embed, pop-up, and live chat for any situation and target audience.

Get a Sneak-Peak

From an initial idea to a prototype, and all the way to the final design. Botsup helps you to preview the final user experience with one click.

Multi-Use Tools

Reuse the similar dialogue flow as many times as you want in your conversation with a single click. Ask for feedback, ratings, and scale your efforts.

It’s All About the Flow!

Transform your bot into a powerful branding mechanism to create intuitive conversations and convey strong messages that make an impact. Use tools & elements, customize the design, and give some final touch-ups before the launch.
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