Take Customer Service to the next level with WhatsApp Chatbot

Take Customer Service to the next level with WhatsApp Chatbot. Whatsapp Business API can be incorporated easily with contact centre management software.

It's been two years since WhatsApp released the WhatsApp Business API in beta mode in 2018 and has already begun to shift the perception of the brands that had the early benefit of testing it. In India, companies like – Book My Show, RedBus, etc. were the first enterprises to get the Business API from WhatsApp to test its usefulness in their respective industries. It is now gone mainstream and commonly used by companies in their search for improved customer service.

The WhatsApp Bot

WhatsApp Business API can be incorporated easily with contact center management software. Surbo powered Botsup bots can be integrated with WhatsApp and Helpdesk software to offer an optimized WhatsApp Bot and a streamlined customer care experience.

A WhatsApp Bot can be programmed in handling routine Customer
Support operations, and Marketing Campaigns apart from sending timely Alerts and Notifications. Following a conversational approach, the bot can answer the responses clearly. With ML processing capabilities and AI engine, the WhatsApp bot provides a higher degree of interaction besides supporting both multimedia files and geo-locations.

Needless to say, the WhatsApp Bot offers round-the-clock support for all customer requests. Live agents may also respond to queries with a live chat integrated with the WhatsApp API when the customer is on the app.

It is strongly advocated to reach out to consumers on a forum where much of their social time is spent. According to a recent report published in Forbes, the cumulative time spent on WhatsApp in three months was found to be whooping 85 billion hours.


Business API offers a free forum for sending conversational messages to a large audience. It's going to be a much better choice than age-old SMS campaigns. This ensures that your company runs an outstanding ROI channel using WhatsApp Bot. There are also no extra infrastructure costs associated with ChatBot integrations.

Building WhatsApp Bot

Step #1: Prerequisite for creating the WhatsApp bot is to have the WhatsApp Business API.

Step #2: The second step is to build a DIY bot while keeping the conversational flow structure at the forefront. Using Botsup, these no-code DIY personalized chatbots can be easily designed with nil coding.

Step #3: The third element is to be incorporated with the WhatsApp API docker framework. Once the integration completes, the end-user will submit the Opt on request and then start communicating with the WhatsApp Bot. Isn't that easy enough!

While WhatsApp has found its relevance and implementation in almost every industry, markets such as E-Commerce, Banking & Insurance, and Travel & Tourism have comprehensive business cases for its utilization in customer care or experience delivery.

No coding DIY bots from Surbo-powered Botsup can be integrated with WhatsApp Business API to get the best out of your enterprise. To know more, visit us now!