Repetitive queries?Transform your FAQ with an Engaging Chatbot

Repetitive queries? Transform your FAQ with an Engaging Chatbot.

It's time to leverage the power of DIY bots to Transform your Boring and static FAQ section into an Engaging and highly responsive Chatbot.

With Botsup— A Do it yourself chatbot creation platform, you to create intuitive, engagement-rich bots to automate the entire FAQ section, and that too without writing a single line of code. Support and involve your clients by answering up to 80% of their questions without needing live agents.

Our drag n drop builder is easy to use, and pre-designed templates further offer a comprehensive visual overview of your scenarios.

Here's how the power-packed combination of revolutionary NLP technology and your historical FAQ data can remodel the way repetitive questions are handled, thus taking your brand experience and value to another high.

24x7 support

Don't make your clients wait for a reply or force them to browse through an extensive FAQ section. With a DIY chatbot solution from Botsup, you can offer immediate assistance with support automation at all times— Even during after-hours, when your live agents areaway.

First-level support—automated and uniform

Self-service not only helps your consumers find solutions quicker, but it also provides reliable and consistent support. In addition, it also helps to bringdown the number of tickets that your service desk usually gets. Let your buyers explore and leverage the power of chatbot to find answers to the basic problems they face when using your service or product.

Quantify Consumer Satisfaction

With rate your conversation feature, get the details you need to boost the efficiency of your bot and delight your customers. If the rating is small, the Botsup chatbot can automatically recommend the best course of action(s) (leave a message or turn to live agent support when available).

Design Composite and Customized Scenarios

Build seamless conversations with effective logic (logic conditions, NLP, and entity retrieval). Create a strong network of chatbot expertise that connect with each other to make your interaction modular and completely adaptable.

You can also add your brand logos and introduce colors that represent your company, thus customizing the entire chatbot solution and making it a perfect representative of your business.

Integrate Facebook Messenger

Respond to visitors more quickly and efficiently. Incorporate your company's Facebook page with Botsup chatbot so that your bot can immediately step in and assist when consumers are asking for support.

Collaborate with Live Agents

With Surbo-powered Botsup, you can develop the most sophisticated intercom integration Chatbots. Your bot will listen to all incoming messages as part of your Intercom team but will only respond if it knows the answer, else would automatically transfer conversations to your human agent on the squad.

All in all, develop rich, natural conversational experiences. Offer consumers new ways to communicate with your product by engaging voice and text-based conversational bots powered by AI. To know more about the building and deployment of engaging FAQ management chatbots from Botsup, visit us at Botsup!