Top Features of WhatsApp Business API You Must Know

Top Features of WhatsApp Business API You Must Know

WhatsApp is one of the top five most downloaded apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. To say that it will soon be at the top of the list would not be an understatement. More than 180 of the 195 nations on the planet utilise WhatsApp. In more than 25 countries, it rules the communications market. The CEO of META mentioned WhatsApp and Business Messaging using WhatsApp at a recent conference.

The aforementioned statement exemplifies how crucial corporate communications will be. Businesses need to understand the value of the chats, and WhatsApp API could help them. Maintaining a sizable clientele, responding to difficulties with automated responses, or handling serious problems with human engagement.

Features that could take your business communications to the next level.

1. Verified Business Profiles

Customers are now partners in the full value chain rather than just buyers. Every organisation needs trust, which branding fosters.

Your business account is validated by the WhatsApp Business API and shown with a verified badge. This insignia serves a purpose beyond being merely decorative. Both individuals and businesses may feel secure knowing they are in the proper place thanks to a verified account.

2. Chatbot

It would be impossible to answer to over 10,000 customers individually; here is where our chatbot function comes in to help organisations handle many conversations at once. With the help of a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, Botsup offers businesses a no-code chatbot that can be created without any technical knowledge.

Who likes late replies? The WhatsApp API allows you to answer within 24 hours. Nobody…

Your brand will be more likely to engage customers and drive sales if it responds quickly.

Automatic answers provided by WhatsApp Business API are a hidden blessing for companies wanting to improve client satisfaction and income.

3. Live Agent

Multiple agents may sign in and manage customer interactions from a single dashboard thanks to the collaborative Live Agent functionality, which enables organisations to provide better customer support.

Live operators can quickly resolve unexpected problems, speed up client service times, and boost customer trust in the company.

Here are some of the helpful features that Botsup offers to enable your organisation take advantage of fantastic capabilities like a shared team inbox with a dashboard:

- Add contacts to favourites, change topic names, add quick replies, add custom parameters (personal contact information) to the contacts, search and filter the contacts, add notes, download chats, trigger flows, and send template messages. Start and end live chats. Send messages. Assign tickets to the operators. Add contacts to favourites.

- Messaging for Sessions & Templates

  • Any communication sent or received in response to a user-initiated discussion with your company within 24 hours is considered a WhatsApp session message.
  • Your company must send the user a template message and wait for them to reply before starting the conversation again if it needs to continue the chat after the 24-hour time has passed.
  • Businesses using Botsup dashboard get a session timer at the top of the chat interface, allowing them to keep track of time and conduct themselves appropriately when interacting with customers.

4. Interactive Messages

Users only need to click on alternatives that are displayed to them when using interactive messages, which helps to receive responses quickly and noticeably. Interactive messages represent a considerable improvement over text templates that allow customers to engage.

As seen in the images above, you can text a customer with options to get a response with a number, but with interactive messaging, you can make it simple for them to choose the options they need with just one tap.

5. Bulk and broadcast messages

With just one click, your company may send up to 100k business-initiated conversations using the WhatsApp API. Customers who have a WhatsApp account but have not added your Business to their contact list can also receive pre-approved template messages from you.

Rich media and interactive messages can be used by businesses to promote bargains or promotions through bulk messaging. Botsup offers quantitative insight into the effectiveness of your broadcasts. so that companies can evaluate their development and put relevant measures in place.

As a result of the epidemic, digital business communications have expanded quickly, and there is no doubt that this growth will continue. WhatsApp API, which offers a number of useful services that help businesses, acknowledges that business communication is the future.

Making your WhatsApp marketing activities effective requires starting by taking the appropriate WhatsApp BSP into account. You can boost sales, enhance customer service, and add value to your company with Botsup as your WhatsApp marketing partner.

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