7 Ways To Use WhatsApp Conversational Commerce

7 Ways To Use WhatsApp Conversational Commerce

In today's fast-paced world, communication plays a crucial role in business. WhatsApp has become a popular messaging platform for both personal and business purposes. With over 2 billion monthly active users, it is an effective tool to reach customers and provide them with a seamless shopping experience. This process of using messaging platforms like WhatsApp for business transactions is called Conversational Commerce.

What is WhatsApp Conversational Commerce?

WhatsApp conversational commerce refers to the use of online communication technologies such as chatbots, AI assistants, and natural language processors to conduct conversations with customers during their e-commerce journey through WhatsApp. This approach can help businesses engage with customers, convert them into paying leads, and support them throughout their entire journey on the app.

WhatsApp conversational commerce offers several benefits to businesses, including increased customer satisfaction, reduced churn rate, enhanced customer retention, convenient transactions, increased brand awareness, and easy post-sales support. However, to make the most of WhatsApp API for conversational commerce, businesses need to know how to use its various features effectively.

7 Ways To Use WhatsApp API for Conversational Commerce

Here are seven ways businesses can use WhatsApp API for conversational commerce:

Provide quick and precise responses: Quick and precise responses are critical to effective customer engagement. Businesses can use WhatsApp’s voice and video calls, chatbots, or customer-friendly automated chats to provide precise and timely responses to customer queries.

Automate chatbots: Automating WhatsApp chatbots can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs. Using the brand's FAQs, businesses can create automated chatbot responses that help customers solve their queries instantly without human intervention.

Allow customers to place orders via WhatsApp: WhatsApp’s catalog feature helps businesses showcase different products to interested customers. Customers can browse through products, place an order, and pay through WhatsApp Payments to complete the entire sale in the app.

Focus on personalizing customer interactions: Personalized messages in conversational commerce can help create memorable interactions with customers. Businesses should look for opportunities to identify customer information and tailor conversations accordingly.

Use click-to-WhatsApp Ads and QR codes: Click-to-WhatsApp Ads and QR codes can help attract both online and offline customers to interact with WhatsApp. Customers can simply scan WhatsApp QR codes to engage in conversations, making it an excellent way to promote a brand.

Broadcast important notifications to keep customers engaged: Sending notifications about brand/product offerings and important events through WhatsApp broadcasts can help keep customers engaged. WhatsApp’s broadcast lists allow businesses to instantly send bulk messages to over 900 people.

Create a strong after-sales process with feedback and surveys: A strong after-sales process is an essential aspect of conversational commerce. Businesses can create automated surveys and feedback forms to collect real-time customer responses through WhatsApp chats. This can help identify and fix product/service-level issues immediately and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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