WhatsApp Chatbot: From Automating Notifications and Conversations to Campaigns

Attention: Is your business ready to leverage this growing platform? Interest: Bots are the new apps. This tool offers the best platform for creating, deploying and testing bots for your company. Desire: Many businesses are already using Botsup. Are you?

WhatsApp chatbots need no introduction to seamless chatbot experience, improve customer experience,automate notifications, and manage multiple departments easily. Nowadays, these WhatsApp chatbots can be build using a simple DIY method via Botsup.

What is Botsup?

Botsup is the world’s easiest platform that offers its users to create AI chatbots for business without coding.The chatbots created by Botsup will be adept at providing automating reports,conversations, and campaigns. Subsequently, Botsup’s chatbots will offer enterprises practical ways to automate notification and streamline their management system. Check out the article to gain insights into how to build WhatsApp chatbots via Botsup without coding and its effectiveness.

Botsup Salient Features

You might be thinking, what makes Botsup stand-out and unique in chatbot building platforms. The Botsup offers lots of features to its users while building a customized chatbot for business.Let’s dive into the top key points of Botsup chatbot builder that sets it a part from other chatbot builder platforms.

·  It is an official Facebook partner to launch chat-based solutions via WhatsApp.

·  The chatbots created via Botsup can be used on the business website or the WhatsApp business profile.

·   It offers a code-free and easiest DIY method to build an effective and fully functional chatbot for businesses.

·   It offers a rich library of pre-defined chatbots templates to its users.

·   It facilitates its users to create a customized chatbot as per business branding guidelines. The users can upload the preferred header image or Avatar image in .png, .gif, or .jpeg format. They can also pick the chat theme and select the Bot chat bubble appearance and positions on the screen.

How to Build Botsup Chatbots for Business?

Isn’t the Botsup chatbot building platform is interesting and quicker? Indeed, building chatbots for business is easier with Botsup within a couple of steps:

1.  Signup on the Botsup account.

2.  You will be re-directed to the Botsup dashboard.Here, you can create a chatbot using custom-based templates available or build it from scratch using the drag-and-drop builder.

3.  Fill up the information form to activate WhatsApp Business profile on Botsup.

4.  Get your WhatsApp Business API approved to launch your created       chatbot.

5.  Finally, launch your created chatbot to connect with your consumers.

Bottom Line

Indeed, WhatsApp chatbots effectively cut down costs and long hours to build an intuitive,conversational, and engaging chatbot. Thus, if you are gazing for some efficient AI chatbots for business, consider Botsup chatbots to expand your team’s bandwidth from routine enquiries and amp up your outreach.