Register students with Training Course Enrollment Chatbot

Register students with Training Course Enrollment Chatbot. treamline support, maximize enrolments and optimize processes at your university, without any human involvement— All of this and so much more through the unbridled power of conversational bots!

Streamline support, maximize enrolments and optimize processes at your university, without any human involvement— All of this and so much more through unbridled power of conversational bots!

With Surbo powered Botsup— A Do-it-Yourself chatbot platform for everyone, you can create intuitive, engaging and conversational chatbots for the training Course Enrollments at-your educational institute without writing a single line of code.

Spare your task force from the repetitive processes such as answering student queries, providing information about the training and courses, fulfilling registrations, lead generation, and similar activities by letting the bots take over, giving your teachers/admins a chance to get involved in far more critical duties at hand.

Here's how deploying a Botsup DIY chatbot can make the campus training registration process as easy as a breeze.

Admission process

Boost the registration rates and drive lead generation by solving student queries on the go, and around the clock. Assist students through guidance materials, enrolment procedures, campus data, and encourage further engagement, without the need to increase your employee count. Simply deploy a university chatbot that serves as a 24x7 virtual assistant to any admin who is swamped with the repetitive queries all the time.

Course Recommendation

Provide tailored guidance to your students about the courses and training offered by your college/institute. With Botsup educational chatbot, you can instantly address student queries on curriculum, course length, subject credits, internships, career opportunities, and so much more—without the need to involve any human resource.

DIY bots are highly intuitive and responsive; Further, these can be easily personalized as per user requirements.

Student Onboarding

Your students may have a lot of queries needing urgent assistance. Finding dedicated staff to manage may not be the best option since human resources have their limits. Make student boarding seamless and streamlined by using an omnichannel chatbot support that is accessible through various platforms such as your college website, App, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for scheduling orientation services, campus visits, sharing updated information, and giving out details about the upcoming events.


Collect input from students via discussions about learning sessions, campus atmosphere, course progress, and evaluate this feedback to make the appropriate improvements.

University chatbots by Botsup are truly revolutionary that can pave the way to gather entirely automated 360-degree conversational feedback instantly.

Teacher's Assistant

Take your DIY chatbot experience to another high with integrating Teacher's Assistant module.

Easily create and deploy about that acts as a teacher's PA by responding to regular queries about lesson plans, submission deadlines, evaluation prototypes, and help them handle and meticulously manage their hectic schedules. Respond to all questions-on and help your students quickly pick up concepts using an innovative pedagogical method.

Disburden your staff of answering routine questions by automating campus service conversations, lodging, training and counselling sessions, scheduling and more. With bots at work, the students will never have to wait for answers! To know more about the generation and deployment of DIY university chatbots, visit us now at