Real Estate Bot: Property Listing and Appointments on WhatsApp

Real Estate Bot: Property Listing and Appointments on WhatsApp

Real estate sector has always been in need of a platform that could generate, qualify and maintain clients— In a way that imbibes trust while being fast and easily automatable.

Enter, AI-powered Chatbots for Real Estate.

WhatsApp is the largest forum for communicating in the world. From a property owner, entrepreneurs to agents, WhatsApp API helps connect friends, family, clients, and colleagues every day.

Integrating the App with bots unleashes the advantage of speed besides so much more. Chatbots can swiftly respond to customer requests, create and qualify leads, enable clients to book site appointments, share property listings, push Alerts and Notifications, run real-estate marketing campaigns and submit documents 24x7, around the clock.

Businesses can save time and money by incorporating WhatsApp Chatbot for Real-Estate while guaranteeing their patrons are always engaged and serviced. Here are a few ways they help you tap the unlimited potential of the industry.

Lead Generation

In every sales funnel, the first step is to create a lead. Based on the business type, prospects are defined differently. For a Real Estate enterprise, the intent is to speak to the prospect post lead-generation to gather the three main data points: Client Name, Email and Phone Number.

Also, for businesses to send outbound WhatsApp messages after this information has been obtained, consumer permission is necessary.

Lead generation is a core functionality of a well-oiled business. However, when this is automated through bots, your sales team can concentrate on what they're strongest at – CLOSING.

Property Selection

Once a client has given necessary details and submitted his/her requirements for a property, the real estate company can now display the matching property listings through a Surbo-powered DIY zero-code chatbot created within minutes with the help templates available on Botsup.

The client may have a cursory look at the properties available, review them at length and schedule an appointment through WhatsApp API. It offers a simpler, more engaging experience for a user without needing to leave the platform.

Scheduling Site Visit

After the consumer has navigated through the property listings and picked an option, he/she can now book an appointment to make a site visit. The process gets automated and more streamlined by making use of a WhatsApp Chatbot for the same.

Depending on the convenient time slots, a customer can easily schedule a tour of the property they're interested in.

Once a visit is planned, it is necessary to follow up.

Businesses lose 10%-50 per cent of their booked visits to no-shows everywhere, for causes ranging from forgetfulness to a hectic schedule. It leads to missed future profits.

A WhatsApp bot can send alerts and notifications regarding visit confirmation, timing, direction to the property, and agent information. If required, customers may also opt to reschedule.


You can even use the bots for advertising the properties through WhatsApp chatbot by running targeted marketing campaigns, focusing on the prospects who had shown buying interest in the kind of estates you are promoting.

Apart from above, document collection, payment reminders, and customer support are a few more tasks that a WhatsApp Chatbot can do to take some more load off your sales team. To know more about real-estate bots and how they can help maximize your business potential, visit us now!