Live Chats & Chatbots Complimenting Each Other

Live Chats & Chatbots Complimenting Each Other. Customer relations are the focal point of a successful company. If you're a small business or an organisation, providing great customer service is the lifeline of your enterprise.

Customer relations are the focal point of a successful company. If you're a small business or an organization, providing great customer service is the lifeline of your enterprise. It is therefore important to introduce the latest technology to boost your business interaction with your customers.

With Artificial Intelligence growing in value, companies are quickly introducing chatbots to simplify their sales, support and marketing processes.

Chatbots and live chats are complementary to each other— You need to assess the strengths of both to make the best choice for your company. With a hybrid approach, you can integrate both Surbo powered Botsup chatbots, and Value First live chat services to offer an outstanding customer service experience. Here's how they go hand in hand, driving business excellence.

Instant Response

Customers expect to receive responses to their questions or to find info in the blink of an eye. When they're unable to do so, disappointment sneaks in, and you end up losing a probable deal or a prospective client forever.

Live chat provides a real-time response to customers. But for those users who don't want to be put on hold for more than 25 seconds, chatbots from Botsup platform created with zero coding skills can easily solve the problem— offering quick, conversational and intuitive assistance.


Chatbots are configured to deal with typical FAQs or information-based questions instantly, so they can be used to perform simple frontline support functions.

As per Invesp, chatbots can save up to 30% of the cost associated with customer service.

In addition, if the customer has more complicated questions, a chatbot can be designed to quickly scale there quest to live chat team to address the queries.


If your company is restricted to live chat, it will be very difficult to cope when there is an unforeseen spike in traffic. It is impossible to recruit more agents in a short time because the expense can be too costly to cover.

Again, Do it yourself Chatbots are best suitable in this scenario.

Deploying Botsup chatbots is a one-time investment to complement your live chat-set, which can effectively be scaled to withstand thousands of requests and bring down the number of customer support tickets significantly. They are designed to be intuitive and can engage customers 24×7 by providing quick conversational and accurate responses.


Surbo Live Chat Software empowers the service agents to manage up to 5 to 6 customer conversations at the same time. Chatbots can be configured quickly to manage instant engagements with virtually no upper limit.

Zero Human Involvement

Chatbots are just the perfect means to handle basic Tier 1 queries. Being well equipped with a pre defined set of answers, do it yourself chatbots from Botsup can engage customers without involvement of a human agent. Consequently, running chatbots frees a fair amount of business time and are sources that can be used by your live support to concentrate on more critical areas of business and other assistance channels such as social networking, phone and email.

To know more about DIY bots from Botsup that can be built within a few minutes using drag and drop function, and that too with Zero Coding Skills, visit us at Botsup!