Into Car Servicing Business? Fuel up with Botsup

Into Car Servicing Business? Fuel up with Botsup . How’s Botsup Driving the Change in the Auto Repair Industry.

Your auto repair business offers state-of-art maintenance services while running pretty amazing offers from time to time— how about explaining all those, scheduling appointments and do so much more through fun & engaging chatbots. Well here at Botsup— a platform powered by Surbo, you could build these bots in a matter of a few minutes, taking your car service business and customer experience to an altogether new level. Crazy, huh?

Deploying a Do-it-yourself Car Servicing Bot on your website to connect with car owners landing on the portal can do a lot good to your business. A chatbot can answer service-related questions, book service appointments, plan car pick-up and drop-off, collect customer feedback, post car service reviews, and do so much more, thus automating a sizeable part of auto repair and maintenance operations so that your mechanics and the task force could focus on the core business— i.e., Servicing!

How’s Botsup Driving the Change in the Auto Repair Industry

With Botsup— A Do-it-Yourself chatbot platform, you get to create AI-powered intuitive, conversational, and engaging chatbots without writing a single line of code with the help of ready-to-use templates.

Free-up your agents for core jobs

Car auto repair businesses offer tons of information on their digital interfaces like websites, and social media handles to help potential clients through the servicing process and addressing FAQs. However, the data can be too much to handle making it difficult for the client to navigate around, which makes the support of live agents indispensable to help through the service scheduling, vehicle pick-up/delivery etc. to generate appreciable business.

Enter Surbo-powered Botsup, and all the basic client service operations are sent into the automated mode— courtesy chatbots. This frees up your staff and helps boost their productivity in the core maintenance jobs.

Reduced waiting time

Be it scheduling same-day vehicle pick-up for servicing or an instant question resolution, today’s customer is used to immediate gratification. In order to stay competitive, auto repair businesses must invest in more convenient solutions such as Botsup to keep up with the increasing consumer demands of personalised and 24/7 support.

Improve business productivity

Do you know that every year on an average, depending on his/her geographic location, a person spends roughly around 400 USD on car repair and maintenance? However, much of this market ends up going to local mechanics rather than vehicle dealerships, which is lost money to the established auto repair companies— both in terms of maintenance and parts replacement business.

Botsup can improve this situation by enhancing customer interaction by automating the different facets of the distribution chain— from collecting and evaluating analytics to after-sales support.

Reduce operational costs

Research estimates that chatbots would help companies save more than $8 billion a year by 2022 by automating and digitising agent-intensive processes such as customer care, marketing, and after-sales support.

Customer service process automation through Botsup will save your considerable expense in recruiting and training multiple service agents and provide quicker customer query resolution. ⠀

Explore auto service appointment scheduling bot templates, awesome drag and drop features, and personalisation provisions to create your very own Do-it-yourself chatbot with Zero Coding Skills, only through Botsup! To know more, visit us now at