Doctor? Take your appointments on Botsup!

Doctor? Take your appointments on Botsup - Imagine if the bot could manage all the worldly things so that your workers can be free to do what matters the most— Providing quality healthcare service!

If you’re a doctor or a hospital manager, you’ll know that a lot of time is spent on scheduling. Hospital Staff is tied up constantly corresponding with patients to do something as simple as booking an appointment when they could accomplish something a lot more important. Imagine if the bot could manage all the worldly things so that your workers can be free to do what matters the most— Providing quality healthcare service!

We’ve heard you; with customized Do It Yourself chatbots from Botsup, consider the doctor appointment part sorted!

Here are some of the popular use cases of DIY Chatbots that can be implemented through Botsup in the healthcare sector for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of medical services:

Scheduling Doctor’s Appointment:

Who hasn’t experienced long waiting times on the phone lines just to schedule a doctor’s appointment, but what if we can schedule one over a simple text message, and that too without involving a human? Yes, Chatbots can make the business process streamlined and provide patients with a personalized experience by scheduling an appointment while freeing up the medical staff from this mundane activity.

By virtue of AI innovation and Digital Transformation, the chatbots by Botsup can even be customized to send appointment reminders to the patients, thus forgoing the requirement for Follow-up.

24/7 Customer Support

The best part about Chatbots is they never sleep and can provide help to patients on a 24/7 basis. They can be customized to answer basic queries and handle frequently asked questions (FAQs) at any time, without much ado. Bots can’t give a diagnosis, but they can be engineered to monitor the health condition and alert the doctor immediately if the variables are out of regulation.

Medication Reminders to Patients

Patients often fail to take drugs and dietary supplements as prescribed by the doctor, and this may pose a health risk. This is where Botsup Chatbots can be very helpful in sending meds reminders to take pills at the correct time. Bots can also submit reminders for re-prescription of medications, regular check-ups and other health-related services.

Billing and Registration:

A Smart Do It Yourself Chatbot from Botsup can also handle invoicing, inventory, and insurance claims by incorporating backend systems to create receipts for payments. Health insurance companies can deploy a bot to answer questions related to insurance benefits, claims, and processes.

Paperless System:

Botsup Chatbots can be paired with EHR / EMR systems to generate and manage patients ‘ medical records. These records can be accessed by the patient or the doctor whenever appropriate.

Explore fun healthcare and appointment scheduling bot templates, awesome drag and drop features, and personalization provisions to create your very own chatbot with Zero Coding Skills, only through Botsup! To know more, visit us now!