Customer Feedback with Chatbots

Customer Feedback with Chatbots - Whenever companies think about “How can they get insightful feedback from the consumer online?” Frequently, the solution lies with a Do it yourself chatbot.

“Your input is important to us” is a popular phrase amongst business feedback systems, but what’s the point if a consumer can’t really tell what they want, particularly if it can’t be articulated in a score of 1- 5. Chatbots can provide a stronger feedback loop and enhance consumer relationships while offering excellent business data for analytics.

Marketers, business executives, and data-based analytical tools prefer pretty round numbers. That’s why most customer satisfaction surveys are fixed to a score of 1-5— be it statistical, stars, or thumbs up. Much worse from the point of view of the user is the invitation to “please leave reviews” but only to include an excellent/good/average/bad/neutral tick list. And where did “could do better” or other input choices go?

Whenever companies think about “How can they get insightful feedback from the consumer online?” Frequently, the solution lies with a Do it yourself chatbot. How are you going to accommodate those kinds of feelings and endorsements in a 1-5 rating? Can “3” or “4” be all right— and what if a company went out of the way to support you, where is “5 +” or “6? That’s why a DIY chatbot from Botsup is the answer and more than likely to take over the conventional feedback form of the customer.

Collecting Feedback Using Chatbot

Businesses are using high-volume chatbots for customer support, internal staff services and other uses in a big way. The not-so-tech-savvy consumer and business world is already addicted to chatbots— the technology is not new, or something people despise.

According to the 2019 survey, more than 80% of chatbot users found them beneficial and insightful—  a number is bound to rise in the upcoming years the bots become smarter, more accessible and efficient.

Creative ways to gather feedback

If your company introduces a feedback function, but nobody cares about it, then it’s time to get innovative.

Incentives such as ‘direct placement into a prize draw’ are popular among retailers, showing how vital feedback is even to corporate giants who can afford all kinds of studies.

Other ways to promote feedback 24*7 support are a discount coupon for the next transaction or use of your services by the client. If you position a limited-time offer voucher with a feedback session, customers are more inclined to use it to help create a positive affirmation loop.

Statistics on Chatbot Feedbacks

When it comes to seeking value in a Do it yourself chatbot, whether it’s a feedback type or another usage, there are a set of key objectives. User customization, knowing the value of the customer, and automatic behavior are all high on the list. All business needs to understand these requirements, irrespective of how basic or complex the chatbot and its questions might be.

Also, when it comes to gathering feedback, businesses also need to ensure that the bot is polite and engaging while doing so.

Assembling and building feedback inside chatbots and constructing an ROI case if needed would help any company boost its efficiency and take the feedbackloop more strongly. To know more about the generation and deployment of DIY feedback chatbots, visit us now!