Create Survey Bots with Botsup

Create Survey Bots with Botsup - Thanks to the growth of no-code platforms such as Bostup, the generation of the chatbot has become increasingly easy and widely available to a broad spectrum of brands and businesses.

If you want to understand what your customers are thinking about, you need to ask them questions. But how do you get your clients to respond? Survey forms offer a straightforward option. But let’s be honest, surveys are increasingly getting dull and the things of passè. Nobody wants to take out time, especially to answer questions unless there is a huge incentive for them in doing so. What if you could find out what your consumers want without making it obvious that you’re gathering data? That’s where surveys with Botsup chatbots come in and offer a clear cut advantage.

Only a few years ago, the solution to ‘how to create a chatbot’ was fraught with the jargon of software development and tons of code.

Therefore, the challenge of building such a program rested largely on the shoulders of the few experienced chatbot developers.

Things have changed since then for good!

Thanks to the growth of no-code platforms such as Botsup, the generation of the chatbot has become increasingly easy and widely available to a broad spectrum of brands and businesses.

Nowadays, you can not only build a chatbot but also do it in a matter of a few minutes with Zero Coding Skills. Better still, for more than one channel!

How does the Chatbot Survey Building process work?

The DIY Survey bot creation process with Botsup is no rocket science. You can follow the steps as under to generate a custom chatbot on the Botsup portal for generating Research, Marketing, Intelligence, Consulting, or Analytics related surveys to serve varied business requirements.

Ready-to-use templates

Design your survey chatbot with absolute ease using ready-to-use templates available only with Botsup. Use them extensively for marketing, research, lead generation, analytics, and a variety of other purposes, in-tune with your specific business requirements.

Simple drag and drop response and action mechanism with absolutely Zero Coding Skills requirement makes these bots an absolute clincher for not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Ease-to-follow building process

You even have got access to the pre-conceived Botsup questionnaire database for a faster Do It Yourself survey bot generation. Customize it with your brand logo and colors to give a personalized touch so that it can go well with the overall appearance of your portal.

Go Live!

Botsup also offers you multiple chatbot display alternatives such as a full-page option, widget, or a banner to serve your precise survey form requirements and go online without requiring any sort of technical dominion.

You can leverage the services of Botsup platform to Create engaging chatbots using our highly intuitive survey builder and deploy them seamlessly to your website, app, or Facebook Messenger. With ready-to-use templates, advanced conversational logic, drag and drop implementation,  predefined questionnaire, personalization options, and tonnes of other features, you have the power to create your own no-code conversational chatbots surveys and get better responses from your respondents. For more details, visit us now!