Chatbots in HR

Chatbots in HR - Surbo powered Botsup is a platform where you can create zero-code DIY chatbots to automate different HR functionalities in your organization.

A chatbot is a service that often uses NLP and artificial intelligence (AI) to emulate dynamic human interaction based on text signals that can be used via a chat interface. They have proved to be very useful in recent times, as most sites now have them as a go-to resource center and a FAQ base. For example, e-commerce chatbots may address product queries as well as make recommendations.

Although it may be easy to use a chatbot in advertising, many might wonder how great the usefulness of Human Resource chatbots is. Traditionally, HR is absolutely human — even in the word, it is. So, what’s the usage of HR chatbots?

Chatbots— Conducting HR business ‘humanely.’

Chatbots are primarily programs used for communication purposes. But HR is intended to interact on a human level, not through AI.

However, use cases have demonstrated the benefits of HR chatbots. Here are a few ways through which your DIY Botsup Chatbot can simplify human resource operations.


Job interviews can be intimidating to applicants. Not so much for the seriousness of the event, but rather for the overwhelming presence of other people and their reactions— Eye-rolling, eyebrow-raising, human judgment, and so on. Applicants are scared of how they’re going to be viewed, and that instills a lot of unnecessary fear.

Enter chatbot, and everything gets normalized, primarily because the chatbot would simply do its job, i.e., posing questions sans holding any judgment.

Aspirants can attend interviews from the comfort of their home, and then managers can evaluate their responses on the basis of relevance to the work role, corporate culture, and so on.

Employer Branding

Another useful function of HR chatbots is company branding. Using a one-of-a-kind recruiting process will distinguish you on the job market and help you lower your employment costs while increasing your hiring time.

In this way, you will maintain a cohesive, consistent approach towards candidates and ensure continuity of communication and branding that eventually satisfies future applicants.

Answering employee queries

Employees have a lot of questions about the HR policies, holidays, onboarding, work culture, documents and so much more that HR is often exhausted with addressing. Here, chatbots may find another purpose — responding to the most commonly asked questions for candidates while improving employee engagement.

Besides, employees also feel more at ease while conversing with a Botsup bot than a human being, and the Human Resource department of your company is free to devote their time to more crucial matters.

Collect feedback

Chatbots can also collect feedback from individuals who drop out during the hiring process. Having positive reviews from the applicants is key to enhancing the candidate’s experience and building a stronger employer reputation on the job market. A similar feedback mechanism can be used with in-house employees for gathering inputs about the functioning of the organization alongside the suggestions for improvements.

Surbo powered Botsup is a platform where you can create zero-code DIY chatbots to automate different HR functionalities in your organization. To know more, visit us now!