Bot-Based Table Booking for Restaurant

Bot-Based Table Booking for Restaurant - It's only a matter of time before these AI-powered bots designed through Botsup for restaurants make their way to the forefront.

With chatbots going mainstream, many companies are using them for their better and less invasive engagement approach to consumer interaction (read hyper-connected millennial generation). It's only a matter of time before these AI-powered bots designed through Botsup for restaurants make their way to the forefront. Curated to interact meaningfully with consumers, table booking chatbots can be incorporated with any framework (From Facebook, Slack or Telegram, to name a few). For instance, Domino's pizza bot even accepts food orders directly from Facebook Messenger with a simple emoji.

Here are a few ways of how using a chatbot can revolutionize your eatery on a daily basis:

Revamping reservations

Streamlining reservations and automating feedback from clients can be a time-consuming task, particularly the presence of abundant online takeaway choices makes the process even more complex. Human error means that orders can, and will, go sideways from time to time.

But with a Do-it-yourself Botsup chatbot implemented on your website, application, or social media pages, you'll be able to communicate easily with your clients. Chatbots can conduct these wearying tasks with an assurance that instructions are captured 100 % correct, thus minimizing the probability of human error, generating trust and winning the loyalty of your consumer.

Personalize Food Recommendations

The art of understanding your clients is key to building faith and loyalty. This is especially true of millennials, who expect marketers to understand their desires and are not afraid to express their disdain when these expectations are not met.

Understanding the customer's food and drink choices and using them to make customized suggestions could also be a critical tool for delighting them. Chatbots would be a better option than instructing your workers to learn the inside-out menu and develop a comprehensive understanding of all the clients to make these recommendations. By using previous purchasing details, a chatbot may advise customers of specialities that they may not know about or recommend them on the best beverage to fit their favorite meal. All of which help build their likeness for your cafe/restaurant.

Promote Deals and Discounts

A chatbot can utilize your mailing list that has been collecting dust and give it a new lease of life. For starters, it can help engage those consumers who haven't visited you for a while with new promotions, discounts, lucrative deals, and special offers. Surbo-powered Botsup Chatbots are also help you identify frequent customers and motivate them to continue visiting by sending special deals via email, Facebook Messenger, or text messages.

Save time

Our research reveals that at least one in every nine customer questions is about the status of their delivery. If you are a business running takeaway services, you can automatically address such queries by simply implementing a chatbot. It will save time for your staff.

You can even go a step further and eliminate all sorts of issues by deploying more advanced Delivery Tracking Chatbot with a built-in navigation functionality that provides customers with up-to-date delivery details.

To know more about implementing zero-code Botsup chatbots for table booking, saving time, and simplifying your overall restaurant operations, visit us at Botsup!