General FAQs

What is Botsup?

Botsup empowers you to create and launch your own chatbots within minutes. It is a drag & drop DIY platform for small, medium & large enterprises.

Why should I use Botsup?

Botsup is World’s easiest DIY Chatbot Builder platform. You need ZERO coding skills to see your chatbot live in action and create seamless UI experiences to capture leads, book appointments, and collect feedback.

How can I start using Botsup?

Botsup is a Web based platform. One can visit on & click on “Sign Up” on the top-right corner.

How can I add my team to Botsup account?

Adding teammates to your account is a three step process:
1. Get into the Teammates section
2. Enter their email id using which they have signed in
3. Select their roles & share invite

What use cases can Botsup help me with?

Botsup can satisfy key business use cases like:
1-    Run Surveys
2-    Product service explainer
3-    Lead Generation
4-    Customer Support
5-    Answer FAQs
6-    Gather Feedback
7-    Onboarding and Nurturing
8-    Intra Organisational Communications etc.

Which bot can I create?

Once you click on “Create from scratch” on the top right corner, you’ll have to choose from two options:
1-    Website Chatbot
2-    WhatsApp Chatbot

If you want to deploy a chatbot over your website or any other web interface, please proceed to create Web chatbot. If you want to create a WhatsApp based conversational interface, create WhatsApp chatbot.

How can I get help?

We are always ready to help our subscribers. We serve our customers remotely all over the world all around the clock. Reach out to us at

Do you have any product tutorials?

Botsup is very easy. We have created multiple product tutorials which can be accessed once you have signed in!

Can Botsup automatically share analytics data with me?

Yes, Botsup constantly keeps you updated about how your bots are performing. You can even customize the frequency of report sharing in the following 3 ways:
1.     Daily- Report will be sent daily, with data through the end of previous day
2.     Weekly- Report will be sent every Monday, with data through the end of previous week,(You can choose the day of the week when you want to receive the report
3.     Monthly - Report will be sent every first day of the month, with data through the end of the previous month.

Web Chatbot

How can I design a chatbot?

Designing a web based bot is a cake walk. Designing a web bot comprises of 4 easy steps:
- Build
- Setting
- Design
- Launch

Watch the video to get a detailed understanding.

How can I customize bot as per my webpage/ brand?

Once you create the flow of the bot in “build” section, the next step is to “design” the bot. In this step, you can fully customize your bot as per your brand or preference. You can customize “logos & avatars”, personalize “colors & backgrounds”, etc.

How to deploy chatbot to website?

Once you complete the designing of your bot & click on “Launch”, the software will create a web link (eg) to create an HTML file. Use that file to deploy you chatbot over your website.

What are different types of web bot I can create?

Chatbots created on Botsup can be used on various web interfaces like Website, widget or even banners.

How many changes can I make to my web bot before making it live?

One can make unlimited changes to the bot before making it live. You can even make the edits once your bot is live in action in real time.

What all changes can I make once my web bot is live?

You can make changes to your bot designs & settings. However, you cannot add/delete any bot element, cannot change the bot flow or make changes to choices.

What are the different elements used for designing chatbots?

Botsup is a simple drag n drop interface. We have created a library of “elements” which you can just pick & use to design the flow of your chatbot. Some of the elements are:
1-    Message – Bot sends message to the user
2-    Options – for multiple choice cases
3-    Media – upload an image file or video URL
4-    Various question types such as – Name, email, phone number, date, time, rating etc.

You can click on the “Help” button in the bottom of design studio to further understand the functionality of each element

How can I design a chatbot faster with Botsup?

Botsup comes with plethora of predesigned templates using which chatbots can be created within minutes. The templates are designed across use cases & probable business solutions.

Check out how to use Botsup templates.

WhatsApp Chatbot

How to create WhatsApp Chatbots?

A-    Creating WhatsApp chatbots is very easy on Botsup. We have created a video tutorial to make it even easier to understand. Here is the link.

How to integrate Chatbot to my WhatsApp business Account?

Have WhatsApp account on Botsup             Registered WhatsApp business no. (it is available for business packages)

Simply create the bot &link it to the registered WhatsApp no.

Once connected, it will be live within 48 hours after approval.

Do I get WhatsApp business account automatically while signing up for Botsup?

No, you will need to get WhatsApp Business Account separately by paying the activation fee. We then integrate your activated WABA account with Botsup to create automated conversations.

What are the prerequisites for using WhatsApp chatbots?

In order to use Botsup to integrate with your WhatsApp, you need to have “Business pro” package & pay the WABA setup fee & link your number via WABA account. Once done the process takes about 3-5 days.

How can I test or preview my WhatsApp bot before launching?

1)    Create a WhatsApp bot (either from scratch or using a template)
2)    Preview the bot in the Botsup Sandbox environment. This includes 3 simple stepsa.    
Activate – The Botsup Sandbox numberb.    
Join – send joining code WhatsApp message and activate Sandboxc.    
Preview – Click on activate and send ‘Start’ to preview the bot